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Genuine RFID Tyre


All tyres sold in the UAE must have RFID stickers, as per the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).


For your safety, buy the tyres only with a genuine RFID sticker. The RFID sticker not only provide you product information, but also ensures greater customer protection and warranty. Buying tyres with RFID stickers protect you from using non-genuine and non-compliant tires.


The sticker, provided by ESMA to all legitimate importers of the tyre, will have all the specifications of the tyre, including the brand name, country of origin, type of tyre, temperature rating as well as traction rating and tread wear.

All the details of the tyre are labelled on the sticker, including a barcode and a QR code which can be scanned through the ESMA app available both at Apple’s AppStore and Android’s Play Store.

ESMA issued the new comprehensive regulations on tyres in 2012 that follows a ‘birth to death’ scheme, providing quality control specifications right from the stage of manufacturing to disposal of tyres. Some key highlights of the regulations include the requirement of additional certification for manufacturers, complete ban on sale of used tyres as well as restriction in re-treading and repair of tyres, while proper storage and disposal of tyres have also been stressed upon.

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