Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Automotive, a leading name in the automotive industry, proudly showcased its commitment to innovation and sustainability at the Automechanika Dubai 2023 event. The company's participation in this prestigious event underscored its dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation in the automotive sector.

Automechanika Dubai, the region's largest automotive aftermarket exhibition, provided the perfect platform for Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Automotive to share its vision for a greener future in the automotive industry.

Mr. Shaun Smith, Group General Manager for Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons (AMS), actively contributed to the thought-provoking panel discussion titled "Driving Forward: Navigating the Transforming Automotive Aftermarket Landscape." This engaging session provided strategic insights and actionable ideas for leaders in the automotive aftermarket, delving into themes such as technological disruption, customer-centricity, sustainability, and supply chain optimization and how we can leverage blockchain technology to bring more transparency in the supply chain. He reiterated his vision, underscoring that Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Automotive Company is strategically aligning all future plans with sustainability as the core focus.

Mr. Shaun, expressed during the discussion, "In this era of transformative change in the automotive aftermarket, sustainability isn't just a choice; it's our responsibility. We believe that by combining innovation, customer-centric strategies, and sustainable practices, we can drive a brighter future for our industry and our planet."

Additionally, Group Operations Manager, Mr. Dhanesh Sen, presented on the topic "The Road to a Greener Future: How recyclable products are changing the automotive game." His presentation showcased the environmentally friendly products and practices, underscoring the possibilities of 3D printing and recycling to lead the automotive industry toward a more sustainable future.

He also mentioned that our partner, Continental, is making significant progress in creating the most environmentally friendly tires, incorporating up to 65% recycled materials. AMS takes pride in collaborating with Continental (Emirates for Universal tyre, part of AMS group, is an authorized distributor of continental tyre for UAE), a company with a forward-thinking vision.

Mr. Dhanesh concluded his presentation with a thought-provoking statement by Robert Swan’ “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” and urged the audience to do their part.

The automotive division's guiding principle, "Engage, Align, and Innovate for Acceleration," centers on our collaborative efforts to embrace sustainable business practices.

The company's participation in Automechanika Dubai 2023 received a positive response from attendees and industry experts, reinforcing its reputation as a forward-thinking automotive leader in the region.

About Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Automotive Company:

Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Automotive Company is a renowned name in the automotive industry, with a rich history of representing world renowned brands like Harley-Davidson, Continental, Best Drive, Polaris, Indian Motorcycle, Goupil, Duckhams, Yalla Tyre and Rhino and automotive solutions in the UAE and the Middle East. The company's commitment to sustainability and innovation continues to drive its success and shape the future of the automotive sector.